Currency Exchange

Your partner for any currency needs

First Sentinel Wealth have partnered up with an FCA regulated currency broker so our clients receive an efficient, low-cost, and great service on their currency exchanges.

FSW FX is your partner for any currency needs.

  • Do you use traditional banks for FX, which are known to charge high fees?
  • Do you receive your salary in another currency?
  • Do you want to buy property abroad?

By using FSW FX, you could save thousands on your currency exchanges.

Our bespoke foreign exchange service offers:

  • Fixed, pre-agreed margins depending on the size and frequency of transfers
  • Bank-beating rates, saving you high bank fees on the transaction
  • Specialist foreign exchange solutions for your more complex needs
  • Market Orders, an effective way to get the best value from the market. By establishing your target rate, we monitor the market on your behalf and alert you when this rate is hit and process your transaction immediately.
  • Your relevant funds are held in separate accounts with tier one banks. In the unlikely event of Sciopay Ltd or their partners ceasing to exist, your money remains protected.

Create your account
Provide a proof of address & ID

Arrange the exchange
Speak to our expert team about your currency exchange, or use our portal to make the exchange yourself

Finalise the transfer
You will receive a receipt confirming the transfer and often funds within in the same day

First Sentinel Wealth partners with FCA regulated institutions to ensure our clients receive an efficient and low-cost service on their currency exchanges.

Your relevant funds are held in separate accounts to our operational capital, with tier one banks. In the unlikely event of FSW FX or our regulated partners ceasing to exist, your money remains protected.

Payment services for First Sentinel Wealth Ltd are provided by Sciopay Ltd. Sciopay Ltd is a company incorporated in England & Wales. Registration No: 12352935. Sciopay Ltd is licensed and regulated by HMRC as a Money Service Business (MSB). Licence No: XCML00000151326. Sciopay Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Authorised Payment Institution. Firm Reference Number: 927951.

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